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The Portal on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe (PECOB) is the first in Italy providing full and selected information about the countries and regions of Eastern, Central Europe, the Balkans and the Post-Soviet space. Its main objectives are to disseminate up-to-date materials and information about the involved countries, to provide contents of high scientific value and to raise the visibility of teaching and research works. The ultimate goal is to facilitate national/international collaboration on the institutional level and promote scientific research in multi-disciplinary fields.


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Trust in Italy

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Unione europea ed organizzazioni varie

L’allargamento nel sito dell’Ue

Consiglio degli Stati del mar Baltico

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Agenzia Interfax

Agenzia Rosbalt

Baltic News service

Nezavisimaja Gazeta

Baltic Times


Presidenza della Federazione

Governo della Federazione

Ministero Esteri FR

Ufficio Statistico russo

San Pietroburgo

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Università europea

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Museo dell’Occupazione

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Presidenza della repubblica

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Regione di Kaliningrad

Moskovskij Komsomolets – Kaliningrad

Komsomoskaja Pravda – Kaliningrad –


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We are a group of long experienced European journalists and intellectuals interested in international politics and culture. We would like to exchange our opinion on new Europe and Russia.



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