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“Damascus is the “Stalingrad” of Russian diplomacy. After years of geopolitical withdrawal, Moscow has chosen Syria as a way to revive its image of power in the world. “Not one step back” is the Kremlin’s new strategy, as it was for the Red Army along the banks of the Volga river during World War II.
To be more convincing, the Kremlin has simultaneously flexed its muscles by supplying sophisticated weapons to Syria. The undeclared objective is to prevent the West from establishing a no-fly zone or a naval blockade of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, as was done for Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya. The presence of Russian ships patrolling waters near the Russian naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus indicates that the Kremlin is serious… ”
Article  – Giuseppe D’Amato The Moscow Times – June 5th, 2013.

«В пригородах столицы Швеции по-прежнему полыхают автомобили. Погромы, которые устроили там малоимущие иммигранты, будоражат Европейский союз не меньше, чем дерзкие нападения исламистов на военных в Великобритании и Франции. Даже появилась такая шутка: «Швеция, в принципе, неплохая страна, только шведов там маловато» … riots1
Оппозиционный писатель Эдуард Лимонов с трибуны провластной газеты предрекает закат старой доброй европейской демократии и возрождение в ближайшее время на Старом континенте националистических режимов.
Минуточку, господа российские эксперты по европейскому мультикультурализму! А как обстоят дела у вас? Имеет ли Россия какой-нибудь проект сосуществования разных культур, который работает и который можно противопоставить мультикультурализму «зажравшегося» Запада?
Да, был такой проект. Он назывался СССР…
Россия получила в наследство от СССР не только ядерное оружие и михалковский гимн, но и мультикультурный конфликт…

Статья –  Иржи Юст – Московский Комсомолец № 26245 от 3 июня 2013 г. Jiří Just Moskovskij Komsomolets.

A 33-metre Foucault Pendulum, which demonstrates how the earth revolves, has been installed in Torun, birthplace of astronomer Copernicus, the discoverer of the heliocentric universe. FoucaultWikipedia
The gleaming pendulum is the first major exhibit to be installed at the emerging Mill of Knowledge Modernity Centre.
The exhibit follows French physicist Leon Foucault, whose famed pendulum was a landmark device in demonstrating how the earth revolved. Foucault performed the first public demonstration in Paris in February 1851.
Several centuries earlier, Torun-born astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus who discovered, much to the Church’s discomfort, that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way round, as had previously been thought.
Copernicus (known as Mikolaj Kopernik in Poland), who studied at Krakow’s Jagiellonian University, published his pioneering book On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres in 1543, describing how the earth revolved around the sun.

Source: PAP, Polskie Radio

The event is organized with support of Italian embassy in Kiev. Event’s official partners of are UniCredit Bank (General partner), Ferrero, Salini, Ukrainian international airlines, Iveco. Informational support – Presscom. CameraCommercio


11-00 Exhibition of Italian masterpieces. The exhibition will be inaugurated by His Excellency Ambassador of Italian Republic to Ukraine Mr. Fabrizio Romano, and President of Italian commercial chamber in Ukraine Mr. Maurizio Carnevale. The entrance is free.

12:00 Presentation of Vittorio Varro’s art-zone. A group of students of Italian art-schools under supervision of Mr. Vittorio Varro will present 4 masterpieces within 2 days.  The profit obtained from sale of these art products, will be used for charity purposes. The entrance is free.

14:00 Taste seminars. Italian producers of high quality products will present Italian wine industry to Ukrainian consumers. Pasta, Prosciutto, Ham, bread, confectionary, Parmesan, etc. and exclusive BEER will be available. Try Italian cuisine yourself! Pre-registration is required.

15:00 Made In Italy. Presentation of Italian commerce chamber’s projects in Ukraine, which are intended to promote Italian products and services in the field of tourism, food service, agriculture. Pre-registration is required.

11:00 Italian automobile-design review. (June 2, Kreshiatik str., start from Bessarabian square).  Bikes and cars of famous Italian producers (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ducati), will drive through the main street of Kiev. The Iveco super-truck, designed in a huge stage, will close the review and host the Italian music performance. The entrance is free.


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