Poland: interview to Mr. Lech Kaczyński – 2005

19 Aug 2009

Interview to Mr. Lech Kaczyński, new Polish president – October 2005

 1. “It’s not true that especially people from the countryside and from the provinces voted for me. It’s a myth! Important parts of the Polish society are worried about market economy. We will change this attitude. However, we can’t deny that Donald Tusk has obtained a considerable amount of votes in big towns”.

  1. “I need a period of rest” (before stepping in as the new president).
  2. You have been described as an euro-sceptic. “I’m against the EU Constitution, but I was for the entry of Poland to the European Union on May 1st, 2004”.
  3. “I’m for the complete participation of Poland in EU, but I’m also for the defence of the Polish interests”.

Relationship with Russia? “It’s important for us to establish a firm policy towards Moscow. We are looking for EU members, who may help us to  carry on this political line”.

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