Katyn. The possible reasons for the massacre.

29 Apr 2010

Why? No one has ever tried to understand the reasons for such as terrible decision taken by the Soviet authorities. The Russian historian, Natalia Lededeva, frames the tragedy of Katyn in the historical context of the time and recounts how the former superpower has begun to discover the awful truth.

Article. Ria Novosti, Russia. April 2010.

The original documents on line. Russian Archives.

 Natalia Lebedeva, a leading Russian historian of Katyń, is a senior researcher at the Institute of General History (Russian Academy of Sciences), an editor and contributor to twenty three volumes of documents on the Nuremberg Trials and a four-volume collection of documents on the Katyń massacre. She has been awarded the Officer’s Cross and the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Poland.

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