Kyrgyzstan, Manas US airport lease extended.

12 Sep 2010

 The base was opened in December 2001 to support U.S. military operations in the ongoing war in Afghanistan. It has hosted forces from several other International Security Assistance Force member states as well. The base is a transit point for US military personnel coming and going from Afghanistan.

 Transit Center at Manas (formerly Manas Air Base and unofficially Ganci Air Base) is its official name. It is located at Manas International Airport, near Bishkek, primarily operated by the U.S. Air Force.

 In February 2009 the Kyrgyz Parliament voted to close the base after the two governments failed to agree on a higher rent for the property. American and Kyrgyz officials continued negotiations after the announcement, and on 23 June a tentative agreement was reached. Under the new arrangement the United States will pay $60 million for continued use of the facilities, three times the previous rent.

Article – RFERL – September 2010.

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