G20 Leaders’ Summit. The programme.

5 Sep 2013

On September 5-6, 2013 the G20 Leaders’ Summit will be held in St.Petersburg. The Summit, which is the culmination of the Russian Presidency year, will mark the 5th anniversary of the G20 at the Leaders’ level. G20 Russia
The key objective of the G20 at this moment, given the continuing instability at the financial markets, unemployment remaining high and persistent global imbalances, is fostering strong, sustainable and balanced growth. To get closer to attaining this goal, Russia has set forth a number of tasks for the G20 to stimulate economic growth and job creation, primarily through encouraging long-term investment, ensuring trust and transparency at the markets and enhancing effective regulation.
Leaders’ attention at their forthcoming meeting will be mainly focused on the issues of ensuring economic growth and financial stability, quality job creation and tackling unemployment, searching for the new sources of growth and investment financing, as well as strengthening multilateral trade and international development assistance.
The G20 Leaders will also take into account the recommendations elaborated by the Business 20, Civil 20, Labour 20, Think 20 and Youth 20 throughout the year of the Russian presidency. In addition, Leaders will meet with representatives of the business community and labour unions on the sidelines of the Summit.
The 2-day-long G20 Leaders’ Summit will result in the adoption of the G20 Leaders Joint Statement that will reflect the G20’s intentions and concrete mechanisms for further work on stimulating strong, sustainable and balanced growth.

 Priorities of Russia’s G20 presidency in 2013

The core objective of the Russian Presidency is to concentrate the efforts of G20 – forum of the world’s largest economies – on developing a set of measures aimed at boosting sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth and jobs creation around the world.

Addressing major challenges to global economy is a traditional focus of the G20 agenda. Russia will ensure continuity of the dialogue on all its items and attach extra impetus to the G20 discussion, facilitating further implementation of the G20 commitments and building on the achieved results.

Russia believes that discussion on all the interconnected issues of the G20 agenda is organized around three overarching priorities, aimed at starting the new cycle of economic growth:
– Growth through quality jobs and investment;
– Growth through trust and transparency;
– Growth through effective regulation.

These 3 priorities of the Russian Presidency will serve as a lens through which we propose to consider and discuss the G20 agenda in 2013, comprised of the 8 areas:
1) Framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth;
2) Jobs and employment;
3) International financial architecture reform;
4) Strengthening financial regulation;
5) Energy sustainability;
6) Development for all;
7) Enhancing multilateral trade;
8) Fighting corruption.

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