Pope John Paul II’s personal documents to be published shortly.

21 Jan 2014

John Paul II’s personal papers are to be published by the Krakow-based Znak Publishing Institute, even though the late Polish Pope asked for the documents to be burnt after his death.

Znak’s director Henryk Wozniakowski said the papers include the Pope’s prayers and reflections as well as notes showing the Pope’s concern for those dear to him and for the Church.

The 640-page book, entitled ‘I am in God’s hands. Personal notes 1962-2003’ will hit the bookstores on 5 February.

In his will, John Paul II wanted his notes burnt after his death but his personal secretary, Stanisław Dziwisz, now the Archbishop of Kraków, did not fulfil the Pope’s wish.

Explaining his decision in the preface to the book, Dziwisz,writes that the Pope’s personal notes are of historical importance and “the key to interpreting his spirituality, his innermost self: his relationships with God, others and himself”.

Pope John Paul II will be canonized, together with Pope John XXIII, on 13 April.

 Source: Radio Polska

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